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How to Make a Corporate Environment Feel Inviting to Visiting Clients

We all have the ability to create a corporate environment that feels welcoming, contained in the smallest of things, like your choice in rugs. By creating it with people, not just space, we can really set ourselves apart from competitors, but without spending big dollars in hiring the best salesperson or hiring interior designers.

Visitors to the space must feel as if they belong whether they’re dressed in their loungewear or they’ve gone fully corporate with their appearance.

I was recently in New York for meetings and an appearance at the same time. During my visit, I visited some of the buildings I helped design and where I lived. I must say I was very impressed with many of the new buildings because they make it seem like your company is one with the city in a big way.

What some of those buildings didn’t have was a meaningful lobby, so while I was there I went to some of the new hotels and I noticed there wasn’t anything particularly remarkable about their lobbies or any memorable signage.

It seemed to me they were just trying to make a lobby space look a little more corporate, but there’s more to it than that. A corporate environment that is welcoming is what will attract people to work there. For instance, if you’re working in a corporate environment that can’t find people to go to the lunchroom or a company that makes people feel like a visitor from another country, it’s not going to have an effect on your business.

Who do you have to approach in order to get a meeting with a large corporation? For example, you can’t go to your boss if you have a problem or if a good project opportunity comes along because he won’t hear you. Instead you have to go to a VP of marketing to get feedback or you have to go to the boss to ask him to make a quick meeting. If that’s how you get to talk to a VP or a CEO or a corporate buyer, it’s a very different approach and a very different way to create a corporate environment where people want to come to work.

In my business, I work with corporate offices that have been around for decades. All they need to create a welcoming environment is a friendly greeting to the visitors. It doesn’t need to be something fancy or expensive, and it’s not very expensive at all. You can probably do it yourself for $5 or $10, and it can go a long way to creating an amazing corporate environment.

I think the corporate environment should be welcoming to everyone, much like you know everything in the resort you’d be renting is professionally done, yet it has that feeling of home. If you’re talking about a business that has a lot of customers and people coming into their corporate offices, you need to welcome them and treat them like they’re your guests. It can be fun and different and have a huge impact. That’s what attracts visitors. You need to want them and make it clear to people who are working in those offices that they’re going to be treated as people who deserve to be treated with respect.

If you don’t want visitors, then just make sure people who work there are friendly and don’t hide out in the office. Invite them out for lunch or a beverage. Invite them to a meeting for coffee and just make sure they get to meet other people. When you do, they’re more likely to be friendly to visitors.

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