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Top Businesses Women Make a Success out of

As the stats make it clear, women are strong business leaders and entrepreneurs. From fashion and beauty to business management, from lifestyle to charitable ventures and more, women are making incredible strides.

A report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) shows the top twenty businesses owned by women have a combined market value of $4.9 trillion in the United States, an increase of 21 percent over 2010. By comparison, the top twenty businesses owned by men made up $4.6 trillion in 2013, a 2.5 percent increase, many of which ideas can be explored further at SSBHG.

The top 100 companies are estimated to account for roughly $2.6 trillion of those profits. Women own 57 percent of all private firms in the U.S. Today, according to the IWPR report, 3.5 million women are working for companies with employees ranging from one to 49.

Women often make great CEOs, from Oprah to Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg and more. Because of this, Forbes ranked it as one of the ten industries where women made the greatest strides in business back in 2015. You learn more about one of the dynamic tools which are popular among women who are doing it for themselves. In the magazine’s annual list, 43 percent of the top 100 leaders are women.

Every day in America, women bring the entrepreneurial spirit, the creativity and drive to an ever-evolving industry. As women make their mark in business, here are 25 businesses you need to know about that are doing great.

So, what are some of the top businesses women make a success out of?

Eden Designs

More women in business means more creativity and more opportunities for business owners. Eden Designs helps women make beautiful accessories like key chains, rings, chokers and more.


This fashion and beauty company has multiple locations across California and Oregon. The company offers fashion accessories including clutches, bags and jewelry.


Bunnybuggles has been helping businesses create amazing interior design products. By using the company’s design software, you can change the style of the space in minutes. The company offers a wide array of items to make your home and business shine.


Homegoods sells decor and home items. Along with lamps and home accessories, there are lots of home accessories including bowls, mugs, serving trays, and more.


Retrofitt creates beautiful wicker baskets and decorative boxes. Customers can pick the size and color, and the company then gives the baskets or boxes to you to fill and decorate.

Lifestyle Luxury Designs

Lifestyle Luxury Designs creates hand-crafted dresses, tops, skirts, headbands, shoes and more. The company’s website offers tutorials and ways to make the products yourself, or you can purchase them to make them.


Have you ever wanted to create a Pinterest board or business plan to design a beautiful dinner table? You can with MyTableMade. The site helps you to build your own designs, from silverware to dining chairs, to decorate your dinner table.

LifeCrate Co

LifeCrate Co helps business owners organize and store their products to keep them organized and ready to go. They make storage crates, boxes and more, so whether your business requires wearing overalls or formal office attire, they have you covered.


Ticlops helps businesses with their email marketing campaigns. The company helps business owners find customers and contact them with emails. The company also offers marketing packages.

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