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3 Benefits of Branded Merchandise

Merchandise that has been branded has been done so by companies for a reason other than selling the item to its customers. Branded Merchandise is normally given away to its customers for free. This article will explore 3 reasons why a company should do this at a cost to itself.

For Maximum Exposure

Branded Merchandise works on the principle that everyone loves to receive a “free gift” that they have not had to pay for. Items given away for free by companies include items such as keyrings, pens, custom umbrellas, fridge magnets and bottle openers. These items will consist of the company logo and details on how to search or find the company, should these promotional gifts find themselves beyond the range of the original customer for which they were intended. The supplying of these branded items is to get ahead of the competition that has not considered such an idea, who do not see the value in it. The fact is, there is plenty of value in it, as will become clear as you read this article. The main reason being that for every keyring or pen seen by someone other than the initial customer it was presented to, a potential customer has been advertised to in addition, who now knows of the company’s existence and what they have to offer. It is all about having a novel way, an additional way, of increasing the visibility of a company that is perhaps not being noticed by as many potential customers as it should be or deserves to be.

To Reward Loyal Customers

To reward a loyal customer with a “free gift” is to encourage a repeat order. It is something that can set aside a company from the competition and achieve that extra order, to which extra revenue is attached. This practice of giving away free branded merchandise can remind the recipient of the company every time that they use it. Particularly, if they have not ordered something for a while, from their regular supplier. Branded merchandise can suggest, too, that a company is not all about profit but keeping its clients happy. Thinking about how to please them and reward them for their loyalty, in what essentially is a competitive market in whatever business you are in.

Low Cost Advertising

Producing branded merchandise is seen as a way of advertising in a cheap and cost-effective way. This is because items to be given away to customers can be produced in bulk and so become available at a discount. The same logo can be applied to every item to save on retooling or stenciling costs. For this reason, branded merchandise can work out cheaper than conventional forms of advertising.

By clicking Promotional merchandise, you can find out more about an industry that produces products as a marketing aid towards company growth. There are numerous tricks of the trade that can boost sales. Branded merchandise is certainly one of them. The only decision to make is what kind of branded merchandise is most likely to promote your business. For instance, if it is about vehicles, or perhaps vehicle insurance, a keyring can contain the key to the customer’s vehicle and the company’s promotion. Either way, a pen is something that we all use and see several times a day. It is an object that tends to find its way into places only a free pen can. Then the pen will, of course, be seen by someone that might just be looking for the product or service what is written around its barrel. A product or service printed on both sides of its barrel in case the pen should be found lying on its other side.

In terms of the longevity of branded merchandise, studies have shown that a large percentage of the recipients of such goods do remember the company’s name who has sent or given the item to them, and more encouragingly still, that new customers receiving the gifts will tend to return sooner and within a shorter space of time. The results in increased sales for companies giving away branded merchandise, compared with those who are not, is notable.

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