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How Business Technology Is Changing the Face of Enterprise Organizations

Business Technology Management is a rapidly emerging discipline and professional field within business administration. The discipline focuses on the application of technology to business activities and practices. This includes such areas as computer sciences, information technology, engineering and applied mathematics applied to business. The applications of this area of study are many and include software, computer systems, network and distributed systems. Some areas of business that fall into the realm of Business Technology Management are Customer Service, Workplace Relations, and Training.

A number of businesses utilize the information technology management discipline to implement their business programs and processes. This includes software development, software test execution, product testing, and debugging. These organizations use these programs and processes to improve their businesses. Information technology management can also be used to track business capabilities and to provide analysis of those capabilities. These programs help business managers to determine the effectiveness of their business processes. It provides information on how well businesses are performing, what is working, and what is not working so that adjustments can be made.

One of the major uses of business process technology is in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM is the science of understanding customer behavior, their purchasing habits and purchasing decisions. It is crucial to understanding customer needs and how to effectively satisfy those needs. By tracking behavior, business managers can gain an understanding of which marketing messages are working and which ones are not, and then using this information to create effective marketing campaigns and to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Another use of this field is in product and software development. Productive product development requires having a solid understanding of technology, both new and old. As product development goes on, it becomes increasingly important to have someone on the team who is aware of the latest advances in this area. The Business Technology Associate (BTAs) provides guidance and assistance in this area. Many businesses also have BTAs on staff as consultants, helping with areas such as product management, new business technology, training and development and product testing.

In the area of effective communication, there are several important functions being performed by business technology. Many businesses have websites these days and need an effective way to communicate with their customers. Web-based customer relationship management (SCM) is one way to increase awareness of your businesses, services and products and to develop a solid relationship with your customers. By tracking customer interaction, you can determine what is working and what is not, allowing you to fine tune your website for greater success.

Finally, business technology is also playing a larger role in business information technology. In today’s ever-changing business world, information technology allows for the easy sharing of data across various departments and across different locations. Businesses are taking advantage of this ability to share information across the enterprise. Enterprises are finding that by combining third-party hosting with enterprise infrastructure, they can create a cloud computing service that allows them to more efficiently handle their data across many different departments and locations.

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